A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Fail

How could someone fail at a grilled cheese sandwich? ME! I did the usual, medium heat pan, two slices of sandwich bread with a light coat of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, freshly cut cheddar cheese, a pinch of salt and melted butter. This time, I was just impatient and for some reason…was dying to watch Master Chef USA. So as soon as the butter started to melt in the pan, I dumped the sandwich on the pan and thought I just wait for 5 minutes till it slowly gets browned. I got too engrossed in the show (the one where they make party platters) that I totally forgot about my grilled cheese sandwich! It took nearly 15 minutes till I started smelling something burning. I practically flew into the kitchen and saw my pan was in smoke, so I quickly took it off heat and flipped my sandwich. It was pitch black! Till today, I do not know how the smell did not reach my nose sooner because, according to the hubby…I have a dog nose. So here’s my picture of shame! There’s no editing on this one. :/


Grilled Cheese Sandwich


With utter embarrassment,

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