Weapons of Choice

Knives are one of the most important tools for any Chef or home cook. Having a good quality set of knives will set you off for some good years. When buying knives, don’t look for the ones that are “pretty”. If it looks good, thats a good bonus. Look for those that you actually need. A good start up consist of an 8-inch chef knife, a 3 – 6-inch pairing knife and a serrated knife/bread knife. Not forgetting, a sharpening steel. Hold and feel the knife when possible. Buy the one you are most comfortable with.

I have in total 3 sets of knives. My very first set was a Victorinox which was given by the culinary school I attended. It now has been inherited by my mother. The second set was the very first set of knives I bought out of my own pocket, and it was ZWILLING J.A Henckles TWIN Signature 3-pc Starter Knife Set. I used this set during my 6 month training in a Swiss restaurant. Now, the husband uses it as and when he is in the kitchen because my greater set of knives are a little off limits. The current set I use which is the ZWILLING J.A Henckles Professional “S” 8-pc Knife Block Set, I bought out of my first big salary to treat myself.

For measuring, I use cups and spoons because it’s easier and faster for me to write down and try out a recipe this way. Almost all bakery supply shops stock measuring cups and spoons. I got my measuring spoons and cups from American Food Avenue whom are based in Geneva. You can of course find it on Amazon too.

I use Bodum’s stand mixer for anything that require’s a stand mixer. Got this because it was cheaper. It still serves me well after 2 years plus.

For soups and salad sauces I use Braun’s Multiquick 7 Hand Blender MQ700 Soup and it’s Multiquick chopping attachment MQ30 as a food processor. This was my dear husbands idea of buying these mixers. My old food processor died on me and I got it quite cheap. I got my money’s worth from the old food processor and this time, dear hubby wanted to get a more expensive one. So, this one was sponsored by him. 😛

I own all these equipment and bought it from my own sweat and tears (or the  hubby’s). If you would like me to use your products, I am most certainly open to it. But it has to be food related and reviews will be based on my own opinion.

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