I grew up using the metric system, but found the American measurements easier hence I use it in my recipes. You can get measuring cups and spoon measurements on Amazon. So here are a few guidelines for some ingredient measurements. For more conversions, go to Traditional Oven

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Conversions 2 Sep White

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  1. fateme 4 years ago

    Hi ,
    1 cup =128 g
    But was said 3 cups (15 oz )
    15 oz =425 g
    I can’t understand !!!
    Please help me

    • Hi Fateme. Are you measuring flour? If yes, 1 cup = 128g +/- = 4.2 oz. Hope this helps. If in doubt, please refer to Traditional Oven for more conversions.

  2. Allan P. Ecito 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot, very much useful….

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